Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Lesson Learned Straight From Gods Little Girl


Oh the excited sound of little voices! 

They truly have  no care in the world.

Do you know why? They know in most 

cases they are protected and cared for 

by their parents! No matter what is going

on in the world! They keep going on and

chose to be happy and be themselves!

 Why as adults can we not chose that

same happiness? Depending on our Daddy! 

Knowing no matter what He is gonna take 

care of us!


This afternoon my fb messenger phone rang.

I had to let my daughter answer it for me because

I have laryngitis again! 

Insert long sigh here… lol

 Christian put the call on speaker and the little 

person on the other side talked excitedly 

as she told me about her day! 

She gave the exciting news of some loose teeth. 

How cool it is to play house with your cousin.

 I listened with such a happy heart because, 

I miss my little people so much!  

 As I listened I talked to my Daddy about it. 

He spoke to my heart and reminded me He is 

doing the same for me and all His kiddo's. 

We just have to let Him.

We have to silence our own minds enough 

that He has more control than the 

world could ever!


I have to choose to let Him! 

Then He whispered imagine how much 

happier you would be if you allowed me to 

do this for you every day! 

Imagine how you would sound 

on the phone with your bestie if we allowed 

Him to do that!  

How much kinder we would be to those

 around us!
How much easier we would handle the 

new normal because we are 

aware of He is in control! 


We shouldn't live in fear! We actually 

face each day with joy! 

Umm let's face it we are human

 and that is hard.

The fleshly side of us tends to creep up 

and get the upper 

hand often before I am even aware. 

However I want that no fear of what

 today holds attitude.

 I was reminded of averse that  comes from 

Nehemiah 8:10 

"Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is

 your strength."

 I truly wonder what would happen if 

I prayed that each and every morning 

before my feet hit the floor and I can 

still have that He's  got this attitude before

 real life and I collided!  

If I choose joy no matter what my perspective 

about life would truly change! 

I told my Daddy after the call ended. 

I wanted to choose that bubbly joy. 

I want my attitude to reflect Him.

I want to be happy no matter what comes 

my way!

Kind of like that kid on Christmas morning 


 Because I should truly be that Happy 

because He gives me

a different gift each day ! I  have to choose

 to be happy

and excited for whatever is unpackaged. 

After all He already 


  So as I close and I am already thanking 

Him joyfully for my

blanket, pillow, and book I have been reading. 

Today is a perfect lupus girls choice to snuggle

up and not move! 

You know what He knew I needed it! So I am thanking Him for it.

 I am thanking Him more for the joyful sweet 

6 year old girl 

who called my facebook messenger this afternoon! 

She reminded

me of a lesson I have taught many times before.

 Joy comes from 

the Lord I have to be the one who chooses it.

 It's an easy choice to make! 

    I hope you have an amazing week ahead!

 I can't wait to share

some of the amazing recipes using strawberries

 this amazing May!

Thank you for sharing part of your day with me today! 

                           Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie

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