Tuesday, June 2, 2020

It's Time To Listen

I wasn't sure if this was what I should do or not! After much prayer I know it is what my Daddy wants for sure.
I am a huge history girl! I love to know how things came about and why it came about the way it did. What was the cause and effects of each act in history and how is it still affecting us today,
In the light of the recent events of the loss of a man who was someones son, brother, father, friend, and someone fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of my Daddy. Another life taken for no rhyme or reason,
I wonder when my Daddy is looking down on His throne how much more His heart breaks for His children.
I know my heart truly breaks for my brother's and sisters of Christ who skin color is brown and not white. All through history they have been ridiculed as they strive to have the very same rights that my family has. They do not know the same peace my family feels when they leave their homes because through generations the stigma that they themselves are bad for the color of their skin. These families worry when they allow their children to go outside and play will they be safe? Because if something were to go wrong and they are in the cross fires they will be the ones who will take the blame and the outcome may cost their life. We often look at cultures we don't understand and form an opinion off of the things others think rather than seeking out what God says.
It's so easy to get swept up and think this is not my problem. Yet that is the problem we have been quiet to long, Setting on the side lines and walking quietly by not reaching across the borders and bridging the gap. By listening and trying to understand the frustration of the people who feel that they have to go to extreme circumstances to be heard, For the world to stop and listen to their fears. Fears that I can't say I truly understand because I am on the outside looking in! Yet here I am, I am listening, I want to hear you.
I can not imagine the generational fears passed down for the black community, If you truly study history you will see that any man that has ever been in legal authority over them has been a tyrant of sorts. Their ancestors endured horrific circumstances. Beatings, separation from their families, living with not even basic essentials, and this list could go on for a really long time. 
Separated and made to feel less than what God made them to be.
I taught my girls we don't judge a person by the color of their skin! That person is just the same as you no matter the color! They were raised in a home that taught the truth of history not leaving out the truth of the matter of slavery, We had long discussions on what we would have done to tried to have change it if that would have been when God chose us to be born,I would have been abolitionist. I would have fought for their freedom and rights then just as I will today.
We need to set across the table from one another and talk and share our fears! We need to close the gap of separation not see color and see a person God created and loves as much as me! 
He wants to heal the wounds from past and prevent wounds of the future. There should not be separation of my family from theirs! They should feel just as safe coming to my neighborhood as I should to go through theirs!   
They should not fear the blue light that is meant to protect them unless like myself have done something to fear it! Their children should never be scared to ask a officer or myself  for help. They should not feel that I think my race is inferior to theirs! Because my dear friends it's not! I bleed the same color as they do. My heart hurts as theirs does! I can not undo what my ancestors did! I can however change how now and future generations act and treat people! They deserve the same opportunities my family has had with out fear, Because neither of us are inferior to the other! We are all created by the same loving God who Is a Jew by the way not a white man!
When He looks at us all He sees is the beautiful children He created and they are all good! Not one of them better than the other! All beautiful  and equal. So know I Shellie, I see you, I hear you,I am learning, I will be educating, because your lives matter and the violence must stop so we can heal our children and make a better world for them to live in that is safe and equal!
So my prayer for our nation, our world, our families, and for each other! Let's stop ignoring the issue! Let's give it's voice in a peaceful nonviolent way! Let's set down with one another and bridge the gap with kindness, prayer, and most of all love! 

After all your all my brother's and sisters! No matter your color!
It's time for true healing to begin!
Thank you for sharing apart of your day with me! It means a lot that you chose to!
I am praying for you and your family this week! Stay safe and well!
Prayerfully Yours,
Just Remember We Are ALL Stronger Together!

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