Friday, July 17, 2020

Don't Be Afraid

There are so many unknowns in the world today. It can make us often feel like we are living in darkness trapped unable to see.
So many distractions and new normals. 
We may feel that we drowning when we actually should be reaching toward the light itself!
We become so caught up with what we hear is happening and we become fearful and forget who's we are.
God is not shocked nor surprised by what our country's state.
I do wonder if He is surprised or happy with our reactions and how we are handling the challenges before us! 
For each home how we chose face the new normal caused by something that could devastate our very families! 
I know that some believe that the virus is no that serious. Others are making sure they social distance. wear mask, and don't have large gatherings! 
Others are going on with life as if nothing ever happened.
We all miss what the old normal was! I know I miss being able to see my family and friends without having to worry about getting sick or someone getting me sick!
For me I was social distancing before it was cool! Lupus makes sure of that especially during the flu season!
Now it's all the time... I hate having to not let my Momma come as much as she would like to! But I would be devastated if she were to this virus! 
I am not scared by no means! God did not give me a spirit of fear! 
 I do however respect the fact it is real and it is very dangerous! I was recently told of a story of a mom who gave birth that had the virus. Her 5 day old baby contracted the virus and died! This was in my home state where I live not far from me! I can not imagine the devastation and heartbreak they must feel.
I know as we all move forward in the months to come. We will face some hard decisions! What will I decide to do about my child's schooling. What looks best for my family.
What are the upcoming holidays going to look like for families?
Will our churches be safe to open back and what will our separate ministries look like?
Will we be able to have children's church and let them have a feel of fun and normalcy while they are there?
I don't know what the answer to these questions are honestly.
I do know this that my Daddy is for me and He is for you! If we seek Him in all we do! I know I can not go wrong with Him! 
I can tell you if my girls were still little or my grandbabies were old enough to be in school.I would choose homeschool and lobby for it for my grands. The reason why is because we don't know enough about this virus to be sure of anything.I would want to protect my kids. I also think about the other students and families involved and the staff. I just don't know if it's safe to go back into the classroom just yet.
I say those things from my Momma heart!
I also whole heartily that my family not be out just living life like there is no concerns! Only going out for essentials all other shopping has been done online! We try to make smart choices and try to be careful in our everyday life! I am just concerned about my family. As I am about yours!
I am not sure what the holidays hold but I sure hope that we can be together! Spending holidays with my parents are so important! 
At the same time I want us to be together and it be safe to do so! I miss my Mom and Sister! Our family is growing and I want nothing more for it to be safe place for us to all be and healthy!  
I hope our churches can open up safely soon. However I don't want anything that endangers those I love! So if outdoor service is what we need to do! I am good with that and if we end back up going into virtual services I am okay with that as well! Whatever we need to do till it's safe to do more!
I have been social distancing since before it was cool lol! Lupus made that happen for me! I have no immune system! So my body can not fight off what a normal persons can! So mask is a must for me and my family!
I have had several hospital stays but none like this last one! I could not have visitors and  Jody could not stay with me!
This was so hard for me! He's my rock and I always feel best when he is with me! I was there for my pericarditis! I could not imagine being there for Corona as scary as it is!
Not having no one there to hold your hand when your scared and reassure you and pray with you!
I am not sure what's next....
I do know that Satan would love for this to make us angry and question my Daddy!
Instead I plan to keep myself focused on the giver of light.
Knowing that no matter what comes next He's going take care of me and my loved ones!
No matter the normal! God is good and still on the throne! 
During this time I wanna draw close to Him and learn what it is He is trying to teach. I wanna be intentional about my family and loved ones and keep them healthy and let them know just how loved they are!
I hope to load some fun homeschool project ideas! 
That you may want to do with your kids !
As I close out our time out! I do want you to know I am here! If you need any help with homeschool or need to me to pray with you specifically about anything! I would love to help you with that! You can email 
I'm praying for each of you! Hope each of you have a wonderful rest of your week! I can't thank you enough for sharing part of your day with me! I don't take your time for granted! 
Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie


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