Friday, July 31, 2020

It's Me Again Daddy

Have you felt like that when you begin to talk to your Daddy (God), He feels like oh my word it's Shellie again. 
I know He doesn't, But the fleshly side of me feels that way and often keeps me from going to Him immediately!

The sad thing is it is actually the enemy's way of putting distance between you and the one who loves you the most.

During my battle with Lupus in the beginning before we had a name for what was going on. I truly felt this way! I felt like my prayers  were just hitting the ceiling.
When we give into that thinking. We label ourselves as unloved and unworthy of the prayer we need answered and heard. 
There is good news though , even though I labeled myself and think He is ignoring me! He isn't and the only label He has for me is daughter and loved!
I find myself thinking that He isn't ever going to answer my prayer. 
Satan tried to use these moments to try to keep me from clinging to God's promises in His Word.If he can distract me from the truth. He can weaken my relationship. I would like to say I have never given into those tricks. I would be lying if I did though. It's easy to fall into that trap when we are wallering in self pity, poor pitiful me, I am not loved trap.
When we do fall into that we forget that our Daddy's time and answers are not on my timing but His! 
We literally prayed for a year for a name for all the crazy my body was going through! 2 major heart surgeries, major lung surgery, lung damage,  on again off again fluid on the heart, weird rashes, fevers, and body aches. This was my new life and I wanted nothing more than to be healed. To feel like I did before all of this! I was during this time I would start a prayer off with It's me again Daddy, Shellie! I don't mean to aggravate you but ....
Now I can laugh about it! Then I could not... I really thought maybe I was getting on His nerves and therefore He was ignoring me. Kinda like I would ignore my girls when they were toddlers and had temper tantrums for no good reason.
Now I know it just wasn't His timing yet and He answered and well it wasn't the answer I prayed for. I prayed for complete healing for life to return to the way it was before I fell and hurt my knee.
His answer was no and we got a name for the crazy!
As the quote below states I am not a halfway believe God can kinda faith! I am either all in or where did I put my faith?
 I sometimes have to remind myself where my faith is and where it should be.
We are all in limbo with something. Whether it is our health, our finances, school situations, friendships, relationships, our kids, marriages. This list could go on.
This virus has presented us with lots of obstacles. Where are we placing our faith at even though we may feel He isn't answering! I am not sure if you have noticed though. He has answered prayers that you at have forgotten about praying. You felt like it's me Daddy .... 
How many of us prayed for more quality family time! Time to be at home so you can focus on what it needs. Time to just rest. Time to work on that hobby you never had time for again. Maybe you needed extra time with your hubby! Now you have all of these things. God heard our prayers we have these things! So if you are praying for something now and you feel like your aggravating our Daddy. He's not aggravated or ignoring you. He is waiting on His perfect timing to answer!
He's waiting for the perfect time for His child. Don't take His silence for a time to fall away. Rather use it as a time to get much closer. Because whatever His answer is whether it be yes or no your gonna need Him to guide you.
I never thought the answer would be no and I would get a name for all the crazy instead. I would trade a life like most people's that is not even close to anything I could ever imagine. Still I would never change and minute of it,  but I would have changed some of how I waited for it!
King David while writing the Psalms called out to God many times to let things change. Time and Time again Gods answer wasn't what he thought would be! He lived in a cave with his army for months before He was announced as  King! He didn't go straight from being a Shepherd to being a KING all at once there was a process and making of Gods man.
God is making each of us who He needs you to be! He is priming you to do what He created you to do! He have you a story to tell and He is preparing you to tell it. He's preparing your to mentor that friend you see struggling. He wants to take you to high places. You have to be willing to accept his answer of yes or no!

I can't thank you enough for choosing to stop buy and spend some time with me! Time is precious and a gift I don't take lightly! I pray you and your family have a safe and beautiful weekend!
Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~

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