Thursday, August 20, 2020

When Is The Last Time You Enjoyed Something You Love


As quickly as the day begins so does it end....

As I set here looking at my screen putting this blog post together. I am reminded of all the blessings before me. As a wife I truly am extremely blessed. Even during such trying times.I am so thankful for a devoted husband who loves his family even more that one who loves Jesus so.

I have tried to take this time before us and learn all I can! Because who knows when things may become normal again.

Yet there is something that my heart has longed for during this time! Honestly things from time gone by! I miss the days of baking bread from scratch and making homemade butter to go with it.  Making different fruit butters to put up for Christmas gifts, Tea parties spent filled with laughter, family gathered sharing and making memories, and spending time in ministry inside the church building!

How does one who deals with Chronic pain regain the things that bring so much joy. Without paying a high price of your health also without losing who you are inside.

I have been praying about that because the healthy juggle of everyday life and the things our hearts desire. To stay healthy but to enjoy life at the same time.

So I don't have a perfect answer and I can't promise that if your like me that you won't need a long afternoon nap after doing something you love to do. What I have found that if we can live a flexible life that we can put off something that can be done tomorrow if you are having a good day. To enjoy the gifts our Daddy placed inside of you! So put off doing that load of laundry and make homemade bread in its place.

You will thank yourself for doing that something you love. Here is why it will make you feel you have some of that normalcy back! Even if it only for a little while!

Over the weekend I did just that I out off everything except spending time with my family and made homemade ciabatta bread. I meant to take time to take picture so I could post them here! However I did not make the pictures a priority. I made the process of doing something I loved the priority of just doing something I loved!

We often think we can not put something's off because  we feel the things around us must  be perfect.

Well I am here to declare I am over feeling everything needing to be perfect. I declare that it is much more important to allow God to let me use my favorite things as He writes the stories of my life. It's too important to teach my children that as well.

All though they both are grown. It's still important to teach them that it's okay! To enjoy things, the simple things, Things you love to do. 

Time has a way of changing things... Just as seasons change so do we. Our children grow up and no longer need our constant care. Our husband's should always have the best love and care. Lord wants to use in each and every season. I pray that whatever season this should find you in. You will take some time to grow in Him and yourself.

 As our Daddy's Words says He had these things planned long ago.

Thank you for coming by and allowing me to share my heart with you! I pray that something said helps you to do something you love! Your time is so valuable! Thank you for sharing a small part  of your day with me as well! Praying for you always!

Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~

I am looking forward to what adventures this weekend will bring....


  1. You’ve always been an amazing teacher to all the people in your life! Me included! For some reason the world around us has changed so much and drained so much joy.... I hear that in every person I speak too. I saw a quote this week that said when was the last time you made time for something you loved to do? I’m trying to figure that out lol. Thank you so much for the reminder! I love you so much!!!!

  2. I love you so! Thank you so much I have always tried to set a Godly example. I am praying you find the one thing you love to do and enjoy doing it my beautiful friend!

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words of wisdom from your pain!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I am half you got a blessing! Praying for you always


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