Saturday, August 29, 2020

Thankful and Blessed


My heart longs for the long cool crisp days of fall! 
The Long hot summer during a pandemic is hard on anyone! Especially those of us that can not get out . So I broke out the fall decorations. In this house it looks and feels like a crisp Autumn day!
Something about the colors that show off my Daddy's creativity makes my heart warm all the more! 

Our week here has been filled with some amazing days  filled with baking. My youngest made homemade apple dumplings from my Mommas recipe! It smelled so good in here while they baked! The taste I childhood was so delightful honestly! It brought back good memories!

The next day Jody went out to get ice cream to go on top of them! Oh my.... Is all I can truly say!
I tried a new  braided bread recipe and I was not the fondest of it. Even though it wasn't my favorite I enjoyed the time in the kitchen baking along side my youngest.

We celebrated my husbands accomplishments this week! He voted for the top ten in the Author Academy for his book He released! To say I am proud of him is a understatement!

If you are interested in reading Going All In you can find it in any major bookstore also on Amazon!
My sweet oldest has entered into her 3rd trimester! I can not believe how fast time has flown by! Baby Ellis James as his name was announced this week! Will soon be making his appearance into this world! We are ever so excited to meet him! He will one spoiled little boy that is for sure!

All of the days that passed this week has not been easy,,,, I have not felt well the ending part of this week. I feel off I am unsure how to put it into words.
This feeling however had made me think a lot about the woman with the issue of blood, How many days she felt off and could not put into words after so much blood loss over time. She had to fight chronic fatigue.
She was ostracized from her family, friends, and worse of them all the temple. It separated her from God! Guys could you imagine 12 years of this! Not really having anyone there with you. To love and support you through the hardest and darkest days! Even on my hardest days I am surrounded by those who love me! I can go to my Daddy freely!He is always with me! I am never without Him! However when she pressed through that crowd and just reached out and touched the Hem of HIS garment! She knew right then she had been whole! Jesus knew to! He felt the power go from Him! Her faith in Him had healed her! 
Guys!!! I have cold chills as I type this! He's still that same God sometimes our healing looks different from someone else's! Does that mean we should pout and sulk? Absolutely not, I should rejoice with my brothers and sisters in all matter of healing! I often say and mean from the depths of my soul! Someone else is praying for what I have and at times even for me that is hard to imagine. Still they are! I am praying for the complete healing the woman with the issue of blood received! Even if I don't receive it on this side of heaven there will be a day! I believe it will be sooner than later that I stand in front of my Jesus and have just that!
Until then we press on for Jesus knowing that no matter what He is worthy of all my praise! 
All though I know there was a time in my life I did not know Him.... I could not imagine not knowing Him today! He loves you as much as He loves you! In this scary world we live in today is my hope and my peace! That one day there will never be days that are riddled with pain or words to express how we feel. All we will have to worry about is worshiping the one who gave everything so I could have it all! 
I can't thank you enough for stopping by to share just a few moments of your time! Time is so precious I know!
Praying for you in the week to come!
Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~

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