Saturday, September 26, 2020

Chapter Forty- Four


       Forty-four! Wow how can that even be. Some days it seems like yesterday I got married. Started a family of my own. Here forty-four years has passed and I will be a grandma twice over by November. Some people dread the aging process and the growing old. I on the other hand embrace the years that I am allowed to have and cherish. I actually look forward to gray hair. It's a sign I have been here long enough for that change to be embraced! There has been multiple times in this girls life that I was very unsure I would see a Birthday again. The past four years has proven that more times than not. However their is nothing like the looking back process and seeing your Abba's hands scoop you up and carry you from one moment to the next. Reminding you the story isn't over. I have a story to tell and it won't be easy to share. I have made myself a promise it would be in book form before I am forty-five. You see I have always said all the hurt would be worth it if my story saves just one person from the horror I have encountered! It's time. Chapter thirty three has been a hard year for me. In more ways than one. Sometimes the battles we fight inside alone are far harder than the ones others can look on and see.

        As my Daddy veins chapter forty-four of my life today! I celebrate with joy and thanksgiving, There is not much I would change in my life at all and these past four years are one of them. I have grown closer to my Daddy and see Him work in miracles in more than one! He has sent us blessings we would never change! They have brought so much joy! 


                    So today as I celebrate turning 44 years old with my family! I will celebrate all the wonderful things to come and stories that will be told as we move to the next chapter before me!

     Thank you for stopping by! For sharing part of my day with me! I am honored you shared some of your precious time with me today! I am praying you have a wonderful week to come! 

                        Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie ~  


  1. Happy birthday my sweet friend! I'm so thankful for you!

    1. Thank you my beautiful friend! I am so very thankful for you and I love you so!


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