Thursday, September 17, 2020

It's Time To Save Our Children



This will not be a popularity blog. I am well prepared for it. I am a sexual abuse survivor. I was abused by someone who should have loved and protected me! Instead they stole my voice, my trust, and parts of my childhood! At times that person still steals sleep because he haunts me there. What is wrong with our country? Why are we standing back and not using our voices to protect what should be most precious to us, our children! It is time that we bring what was taught not to talk about to the table and give it voice. Sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of any kind to a child or a teen. We have to quit turning a blind eye. We have to have ears that listen and voices that speak out when we see something is seriously wrong! If we suspicion something is wrong we investigate and find out!

     Wake up Momma's we must protect our babies!My heart is disgusted when I turn on the t.v and little girls are dressed like little teenagers. Thing is it's not just on t.v it's in our homes. We buy the clothes because they want to fit in! Ladies we were not born to fit in we were born to stand out! That does not mean I have to be dressed sexy in order to do that! My heart is broken everything I see a little girl dressed like that when God knows as well as I do she should be dressed in some kind of Disney Princess shirt. Singing let it go to top of her lungs. Not worried about not looking cool or uncool because they play dolls! See though here is another problem little girls are not the only ones affected by this our little boys are as well and there is no excuse for it! They feel like they have to be buff and know about sex and joke about it because it makes him look cool. We tell our girls when someone grabs their behind or gropes them. Boys will be boys and make it sound like it is okay! No, there are two problems here! Boys should be taught that girls are to be held with the upmost respect and girls should be taught to do the same with boys.There are grave consequences for our actions if we force our self on someone of either sex. We should be teaching our girls to do the same! 

          I have seen on the news,instagram,and facebook. All about the child sex trafficking how hundreds of children are being rescued! I want to know why we are just now looking for the why I have we not heard of their missing reports? Why was it so easy for them to be obtained.My dad was who abused me, he was a man of many mask. He was mixed up in some pretty horrible things. During many talks about me being a bad girl he was gonna teach me how to be a Daddy's girl. He told me of how boys and girls were abducted every year especially around October. They would be kidnapped from the south and sent to the north, north to the south, east to the west, and west to the east. He reminded me more than once he could arrange for me to be one of those children. Out of fear I did not tell of my abuse till I was married.

I want to speak out now as we are being made aware of laws to be voted on for pedophilia to be made legal! For the legal age of consent to be 12yrs old! I want you to think about that 12! I am our children's church administrator at our church and the kids stay with me till they turn 13! I hear them talking and say boys are gross one Sunday and cute the next! I want to ask you Moms something do you want it to be okay for a 50 year old man to identify as a 12 year old and have sex with your daughter? Mom how about you would you like some 40 something woman to identify as 12 and have sex with your son? Because this a two street here this isn't just about girls being abused! It's boys and girls!

Our children are being groomed right up under our eyes and we are sleeping through it. Girls and boys are like twerking making sexually explicit dance videos on tic toc and all the while we think awe they are just having fun! How about the sex rooms on Roblox ? Guess what they are being approached by adults pretending to be kids! Asking for pictures of your child! Guess what they are sending them! Because that seems like new cool thing everyone is doing! So I should do it to! Momma's it's time you take the computer, phones, and tablets ask for passwords and invade your child's privacy! Because it may be the very thing that saves their life. Remember when I mentioned children being taken? Well I promise it's not to send them to loving people who care about them. No it is to people who use them in the sex trade they are auctioned off to the highest bidder. They are given drugs and they become addicts! When they are done with them they kill them and throw them out like this mornings trash.

  That is they are lucky enough to be stolen for that reason because there is a darker reason! Satanism is real and they kidnap for rituals they are raped and sacrificed and endure a grueling death all in the name of satan.

 It's time we take our children back! Teach them it's okay to be kids and play. It's okay not to want to date. Teach both to dress modestly. It's not okay for little girls and teenagers to be dressing sexy! Please reach them how to dress classy! 

    Teach your child it's not okay to keep a secret for an adult! If someone ask them to, they need to come straight to you and tell you the secret! Teach them it is safe for them to come tell you anything thing no matter how scary they will not get in trouble it is okay they are safe! As your child if someone has touched them! Teach them the areas no one should touch unless it is them or a Dr after a certain age. Teach them to clean themselves as quickly after potty training! Teach them they way someone should clean them and no other touches should be involved. I know some of this sounds extreme! Trust me it's not! It's time to save our children! To take our homes back! More times than not a child is abused by a family member or a family friend whom you trust. he abuser grooms your child to think it okay! It's not okay to take pictures of little kids being abused and posting it all over the internet as pornography! For people to watch and get pleasure from! It's not okay to let our kids to watch pornography boys and girls alike and say oh it's just a part of growing up everyone does it! Is that how you want them to think they should have sex with their spouses when they get married? Lord I hope not! Maybe I am to much of

 a romantic....

      Sexual abuse and sexual exploitation have serious repercussions!  The damage is often so bad that it leads to suicide. Because they think they did something wrong for Uncle so and so to touch them that way or Aunt Sally to come on to you teenage boy and touch him and make him think of her in ways he knows he shouldn't so he isn't sure why he's so messed up! Or a Daddy who should be your hero steals everything beautiful from you! This abuse leaves deep scars that are often hard to heal. You don't truly understand till you have held that abuse victim when they wake up screaming in the middle of the night because they are reliving it in their sleep, or the smell of someone in the store caused them to have a flashback of the man who tried to grab them and they no longer feel safe, or how about when she marries the man of her dreams and he goes to make love to her the way God intended him to love his wife and she cowers away and cries and can not even be touched. When your son can not stand to look at himself in the mirror because he thinks something wrong with him for male family friend to think it was okay to touch him and now he's confused! 

     Momma's I want you to know I write this out of love, concern, and personal experience. We have the power to protect our homes! TO PROTECT   OUR CHILDREN! They are gifts not sexual toys. Anyone who can look at a four year old and become aroused is beyond sick!    

We can turn this around and save them!

Have all social media passwords! Look through their phones. If they don't have teen in their age the don't need a phone. Supervise internet and game use. 

Know who they are spending time with. Ask questions about what they did. If your child is uncomfortable sound someone there is a reason! ASK! You are not going to know most likely if you don't. remind them they are safe and will be safe if they tell! 

Dress our kids as kids, teach them to act their age! Encourage them to play and watch shows that encourage imagination and for them to act their age. Don't let them watch something just because Suzie's Momma let's her. Teach them the same rules apply a even if they are at a friend's house. Have consequences for breaking rules. After all we are their parents we are suppose to keep them safe. If you don't like someone they are playing with because of their behaviour. Don't let them hang out. It's okay to set boundaries for or kids and make them stay with in them. I work with kids and can not believe what they tell me they hear at school about sex. Teach your child that sex is meant for adults who are married. If they are teens it's time for hard conversations like are you ready to become a parent! Because it only takes one time! After all that is how God intended for sex to be between husband and wife! Teach them it's okay for them to ask you questions about sex. It should be you they come to.

Make it clear no one should touch them where their bathing suit covers. teach good touch base touch. As soon as they are sold enough to understand!

After all they want to pass a law where they want the age of consent to be four years old! Can you imagine what this would do to a four year old physically and mentally?

If your a survivor speak out! It's time we come out of the shadows and tell our stories so it's not taboo! When we speak out we make it feel safer for them to come forward! When they feel safer we can put a stop to the abuse! We make it clear under no circumstances are our children for sale,they are not sex toys for your sick pleasure, and we do not want laws that say this is okay instead we want laws that take your life for stealing thiers!

Please pray for the safety of our children! Let's come together and be bold and strong and say no more sex trade, not more sexual exploitation for child porn or grooming, no more sexualizing children in movies acting like adults, no more hiding the abuser in our families or close friend circles! 

The Bible clearly says that is better for you to fasten a milestone about your neck and drown than to hurt one of His little children! 

Matthew 18:6

Thank you for stopping by and letting me share my heart. Which was really not easy to do! It is however time to come out of the dark as shine light into the dark places to ensure no one else has to go through what I have! 



                           Prayerfully Yours,


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