Tuesday, September 1, 2020

School Days Gone Bye and a Homeschool Project


Oh I truly miss the smell of school supplies! My kitchen table scattered with open books and open planners.
My days of a homeschool teacher have passed but the years and memories will be ever so sweet.
I would not trade them for the world!

Oh how I loved the mornings spent doing devotions and learning side by side with my two girls!
I think I learned as much as my girls did when we spent time diving into history and days gone by. Teaching them life skills that they would carry into their own home one day.
Our first day of school was always kicked off with a field trip!
All though this Momma has hung that hat up. I would love to share some of our favorite projects  with you! Even some of our favorite books and fun things we did along the way to bring them to life! 
I want to start off by sharing one of our middle school or high school year projects!
My youngest loved dolls of some fashion and form all the way through her early high school years. So one year I came up with my own Motherhood 101. This was our own form of the baby project.Like they did in public school. All except we used our reborn dolls. Please do not feel like you need a fancy doll for this project because that is not the case! The beauty of it is you can pick and choose what you want to use and discard the rest.
Below you will find all the links you need for the project. From instructions, printables, and fun supplies to make!
If you decide to try it out! Please let me know what you thought! Be creative and have fun I know we sure did!
Thank you for stopping by today and checking out  a project my youngest daughter loved  and my shared daughters who joined us for homeschool for a few years and got in on the fun!
I am praying for you and your families school year! 
Prayerfully Yours 

Motherhood 101 Project

I do not own the copyrights to the CPK birth certificate. It is a copy of my daughter's we have used over and over.


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