Thursday, September 10, 2020

Seasons of Change

 I am not sure about you.... I am ready for the cooler days of fall. All the things that it ushers in. For me it means I will soon be putting up my Christmas tree!

One of the things I love the most. I love the gleam of Christmas lights. While all snuggled up in a blanket. This year will even be even more fun. Grandbabies make everything more exciting!

However before I jump to far ahead of myself and wish important time away.

September has arrived in all of her beautiful glory! I will celebrate my 44th Birthday on the 26th. I am so blessed for every second I spend on this earth! It's like the weather knew I needed a touch of fall to usher her in! The temperatures have been cooler with a hint of the fall crispness.

I truly do hope that it last and we have a beautiful leaf changing! That displays all of God's creativity!

I have not been feeling well so I have been spending some time reading lately. I ordered the Little House On The Prairie series! 

I have to chuckle at the thought of this! Because as  a little girl I would have rather died than watched the little house show! My sister and I actually had some really nasty arguments because little house and duck tales came on at the same time! 

Now I love the time period and I am intrigued by the books and their way of life!

I am more than half way through the Little House In The Big Woods!

I am intrigued by the simplicity but truly fascinating lives! 

In some ways they had it all and just didn't realized it!    

However I am quite thankful for indoor plumbing!
 I love the verse below!

My life has taught me so much about the season of change. I believe that is why I can accept the changes the pandemic has brought so much easier than others 
           You must choose to find joy and be thankful rather than pine for things that have long passed. 
Some may say that sounds rather cold. I don't mean for it to. I have just learned that there is a beginning and an end to all things good or bad. How we choose to deal with them will affect how we handle the change that comes long with it.
 I actually love the slower pace of life. I do however miss church,visiting family, friends, and going to the store.... I was reminded through the little house book all of those things were not always there or easily accessible. Things have came kinda full circle of you look at history!
     Ecclesiastes says there is a time for all things. For me it is a time of rest and healing.Not in the way that most think. Healing sometimes is for the soul and when the soul heals come a rest that brings along a strong peace for your heart.
    It has taken me a little bit to see that was something that was taking place! I am glad I did though! It has confirmed to me the same way my Daddy has to so many before me! He is there for us. We may not understand the whole picture right now but we will! Just think about Noah! He had never even seen rain! No wonder he thought it was crazy to build a boat! When he had never even experienced rain fall from the sky. Then imagine how crazy he must of felt when he was told to fill the ark with animals. He was trusting what he had not seen yet! Trusting his heavenly Daddy knew exactly what he was doing. I know there are so many. I have spoken too that is struggling because the life as we know it has been turned upside down. Some people want to act as nothing ever happened. Some it has caused depression and unrest. I have found myself in the curious side of things. I want so much to see what He has in-store for His people during this time.I am not sure when or what He has instore. I have believe it will be spectacular!After all He touches is truly spectacular! I have found myself longing for a time of rest and peace.For all of us including me that comes in various ways!
       As I  close today I want you to know whatever season this finds you in! You are loved and prayed for! Our Daddy In heaven loves us more than any human possibly could! Never give up when He's up to something truly amazing!
      Thank you for stopping by! I pray the rest of the week is truly wonderful! 
                  Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~


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  1. Thank you for sharing your heart my friend! I'm one of those who also really enjoy the slow pace of life! but sometimes when I'm out and about I can just see the faces and I become sad that the way of life has changed so much! But there's something so special about staying home, and knowing you don't have to get out and do a lot! It's much easier with cooler weather! I sure love you, and love reading your blogs as always!


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