Monday, October 5, 2020

Good Morning World



                There I something very special about the quiet of the early morning hours. when the sun has yet to rise and all around you is still sleeping. The birds has not even woken with their songs of praise. 

I recently began what I like to call brain dumping before going to sleep at night. This is a type of journaling about my day without a structured writing. I began this to quiet my mind at night. When I was unable to sleep last night. I decided this morning it was time to get up and try to get a few things accomplished. Blogging was one of those things on that list. As I was in my kitchen pouring some Sprite to chase away the nausea. I was reminded of the proverbs 31 woman. The Bible spoke of her rising up early and cooking for her family... I pondered on this thought... Due to the fact that not everyone in my home likes to eat breakfast. I wonder though could that thought go a little further. Feeding can be more than physically feeding them as well! We need more than physical food to begin our day. We need to be spiritually fed as well. We should begin each day with Jesus. We should feed our family not just food but we should feed their hearts as well by planting spiritually as well. I know Mom I can hear the deep sigh of your heart as you read this and you think oh Shellie I can add not one more thing to my morning to do list before I send my family off for the day, or as you head to work, or perhaps you begin your homeschool day. As I pondered on this, I prayed and asked my Daddy what are some ways that any schedule can do this and get out the door with out feeling overwhelmed. One thing particular stuck out in my mind! 

     We all go out the same door! Whether you are headed to the car to head to work, out the school bus, or even just to take the dog out! 

       One of the easiest way to make sure scripture is one of the first things your loved ones reads! Place a index card with scripture on the door where they will see it Every time they open the door! You can change this daily or leave it up and change it weekly and challenge your family to memorize the verse by the end of the week! The change it every Saturday! You may think why not Sunday? Well.... Because Sunday is hard enough without adding one more thing! If you make it apart of your Saturday routine it will become apart of you Saturday flow! Pray about the scripture you post so you know if it is something that will also minister to our hearts and souls through the week! 

We can also play praise and worship music in our home as we your getting ready to start your day! Play it in your car set the mood for where ever your going! When we choose to start or day with our Daddy we can't go wrong. 

                Also when we start to train our children to do these things now! They will take these things into their adult life! Even if your kids are grown it's never to late to fill your heart with God's word or start your day off with Him! I can't imagine anyone else I want to invite to spend the day with me as Jesus!

            As it is really early in the morning for me and my lack of sleep is catching up already. I am gonna go get some coffee and turn some praise and worship music on Pandora and plug my ears up with my earbuds! Give Jesus the  most of my morning then go take a nap so I can conquer today!  Praying for you and your family this week! Stay safe and healthy my friends! 

               Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~


  1. I love this post! What a nice reminder! I haven't had my quiet time faithfully in years. Thank you for the reminder of how important it truly is! I love you!

    1. Aww thank you my beautiful friend! I love you so!


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