Thursday, January 21, 2021

Make It So

I have been thinking alot about dreams...

I have been thinking about how I know God placed them in my heart. I also have been thinking about the excuses as well. We all make them... We tell ourselves things like:

I am not beautiful enough

I am not healthy enough

I am not strong enough

I hate my body

I attract negativity

I don't ever have opportunity 

I attract hate 

I am not a people person

I am not confident

I will never be successful

I am not worthy of blessings on my life.

So let's be really honest with ourselves for a moment. How many of us has told ourselves these things whether in our head or while we are looking in the mirror.

I can be honest enough to to say I am guilty of most all of those things at different times.

When we talk to ourselves like that. We are tearing down the very things God does not see in us! See before I go through the list of beautiful things He sees in us. I want t0 share something with you! This year makes five years when my health nightmare began. At first you dream it will get better for reality sets in! 

I remember when to first began I thought about the dreams God gave were still reachable. I am not sure when it changed though. I told myself that there was not capable of reaching those dreams anymore. I have more days that I am not able to do what I call my normal day. I allowed that to creep in my mind and tell me I was incapable of doing the things placed in my heart dreams! I realized my dreams had changed as I got older!

It seems my Jesus knew already the changes I was gonna face! The change that was going to alter my whole existence! Yet teach me to look at life in such a beautiful way as this journey progressed! You see my dreams changed and I realize now they changed because He Knew what I didn't know! Yet these dreams were more reachable for the new Shellie! She just needed to have a new perspective of herself! 

I needed to be reminded I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of my Daddy! I have what it takes to make it happen!
I needed to straighten my crown and get ready to put those dreams into action! Because girls we all are these things:

We are Beautiful

We are healthy even if we are making changes to get there or trusting in a miracle! Life and death are in the tongue!
We are strong
We love our body! You only have believe the truth! God thinks it's perfect!

We attract positivity

We attract opportunity

We attract love

We are loved

We are Kind

We are smart

We are confident

We are successful

We are worthy of all the BLESSINGS coming our way!!!

Because you are the Daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!

So I am no sure what dream your holding onto! God placed it there and if He placed it there He will bring it to pass! You just have to have the confidence to believe you can! So if you need to write those affirmations on a piece of paper and place them in your bathroom so you can see it every morning! So you can tell yourself those things! It's a proven fact what we tell ourselves it is what we believe!
You can also undo all the negative when we begin to believe the positive!
Ladie's join me in changing your life and stop chasing your dreams and let's start bringing them to pass! If I hadn't you wouldn't be reading my blog! I am thankful for the dream of writing! It is one of my passions for sure! 
I can't thank you enough for taking time out of your day to spend some time with me! 
I am praying for you always!
Prayerfully Yours, ~Shellie~




  1. Shellie, I so love all of this,it is all so very true & a great reminder to go ahead & dream & believe in yourself because we are worth it. Someday maybe we will meet sweet friend & sister in Christ....but for now I am so glad we are friends here.

    1. Thank you so very much! I am so glad it was a blessing to you!I can not wait for the day we meet in person to sweet friend and sister in Christ! I can't wait till our Daddy makes it happen! I am so thankful we are friends here as well!


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