Thursday, January 28, 2021

When Do You Praise


Goodness I do believe we have all have just about been to the end of our witts with Covid.

For some of us you have went right on with life as if it is not there or effecting your life.

Others live with light restrictions they go on doing everyday life and just wear a mask. To go out to do the things you love to do.

Then you have people like me who can not be out in the world. You live with in the walls of your home and do not go out. Unless it's for a doctor's appointment or blood work. I have some one I love and could never thank enough for loving me enough to go out and take care of the things we need! My husband rocks!

I miss my people! Guys I have not been to the store since March 2020! I haven't seen my Momma since the day before Thanksgiving! 

I can't remember the last time I seen my sissy! 

I haven't had tea with my bestie and her sweet daughter since March! 

The biggest thing I miss church! I miss ministry!I need to see my little people!!!

I really need to see some people! I don't need to hug anyone all though it would be amazing! I just need to be able to fellowship with those I love! I know we have facetime and phone calls. It's not the same though! I need the real life interaction.

I could not help but to think of the times in the Bible when people were in isolation as well. The one that my mind kept going back to was Job.

He lost everything and ended up isolated setting on a pile of ashes.

I really thought about those ashes today. It made me wonder if why he was setting there in his mind those ashes represented all he had lost to him. His family, his lands, his riches, and those who he thought was his friends.

It really hit home for me.I am not sure if it is because the reason I am quarantining so hard core is because I have been really sick! 

Still sick or not anytime you become isolated and setting on your ashes you really start to analyze the things that are in your life.

The things you place your energy into and those you pour your love into.

It makes you realize quite quickly those who are truly in and those are just fly by nighters.

You know the ones who are there whether your in a pandemic or living what we used to call normal.

How many times have you checked on that person who's neck you hugged and told you would always be there for them?

When is the last time you when seen on social media someone you know so well and considered family and knew that they had gone through great loss! All you could do was like a Facebook post not  even send a private message or make a phone call to make sure that person you over was okay and didn't need anything. All because you feel your life is so busy and that was the best you could do so all you did was kept scrolling.

How many times have we seen someone ask for help or say they needed something we kept scrolling and ignored it! Even made the comment in our minds they should be doing better yada yada yada... What if our Daddy placed it that there for us to be His hands and feet!

How many of us say we will pray and we never even stop to do it, we have gotten in such a habit of typing it but not doing it!

The bad news is we are guilty! The Good news is Jesus loves us and He is so willing to help us be better! He just really wants us to ask Him to help us be centered on Him! 
When we are centered on Him we won't need to think twice to be His mouth, His hands, and His feet! 

The Bible tells me in Job 1:21 The Lord Giveth and the Lord taketh away, Blessed be the name of the Lord.

I really thought and meditated on that verse and thought about Job!

God took so much from Job and he never got mad! He never walked away from his Daddy! He didn't care what anyone else thought he didn't care if you didn't stick around. if you didn't pray for him even!

Yet He loved His Daddy so very much! God gave him back 10times what he lost!

I got so excited when I thought about that because if my Daddy would do that for Job! Would He not do that for me! I truly believe He is going to ease this isolation soon! He is going to redeem the time with those I love and have made sure to continue to be apart of my life during this trying time! I prayed that for when I dropped the ball and may have been a fly by night friend! He would give me the opportunity to redeem myself. I don't want to be a fly by nighter! I want to be all my Daddy has called me to do!
As long as I am in isolation and missing my people and tired of the circumstances! I refuse to be mad at my Daddy! Instead I choose to learn what I can during this time that helps me to be better for Him! After all how can we learn to walk in Footsteps of Grace if we stop following the Creator of Grace! 

Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~  

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