Friday, February 26, 2021

Because He Loves Me

Because he loves me....

I have to admit I don't like Valentine's Day at all. It is a reminder of pain not love.

I honestly could skip the whole month of February and be okay with it!

As  I thought of how many probably feels the very same way do! I spent some time talking to my Daddy about it. 

Most of us have a time in our life we don't like to go back and remember. January, February, and the beginning of August are mine. 

January is the anniversary of my sister passing, my biological dad was murdered in February and my nephew who took his life birthday is 2 days after the anniversary of dad, and my nephew took his life in August. As I rambled these anniversaries off to my heavenly Daddy, asking why did our human brains so often look back and remember tragedy? I often feel we look back on that more than the happy moments. As I prayed about it He reminded me those scars we bear from the tragic moments taught us many things. We remember them because they strengthened me in ways that are very hard to explain. 

I walked away from each event changed. I learned from all three life is short and we never know when the last moment you may have with someone. Always express to those that you love that you do love them! I learned not to hang on to bitterness, because the only person that is hurting is me. I also learned forgiveness isn't so much for the offender as it is to set me free. However hard it is to look back over the hard times I need to be reminded of those scars because they have helped me to be closer to my heavenly Daddy and made me a much stronger believer I Him. Because I always need Him to remind me that He's got the whole world including me in His hands and He will see me through each moment. 

If we didn't have hard moments we wouldn't appreciate the happy ones I don't believe.

All though I would have loved to skip the month of February because of the reminders it holds. It's still a month that represents love! No one loves me

 more than my Daddy loves me! So I choose to love Him back by loving in the hardest days and reminders.

I will take each reminder and scar it left behind and let it make me stronger. Also to allow me to share my testimony of God's goodness through such tragedy ! 

Because when we choose to look there can always be joy found even in the sadness!

Because He loves me! My amazing hubby got me the most beautiful roses! I always dry the flowers he gets me because I want to remember the occasion he got them! This year was extra special because I didn't expect them. 

We agreed that neither of us needed anything lol.

Still when he brought them in it was a reminder have loves me! He loves me and shows it in so many ways! It's not just words he says, it's the actions he shows. Just like my Daddy!

So as I continually learn to walk in the Footsteps of Grace. I want nothing more than to be able to show Grace on the hard days!

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you! Life can be sticky at times! I think we become stronger when we are willing to share it. He uses it touch other lives and change them too!

See you again soon!
Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~ 




  1. Everything about this is beautiful! I have many months that I seem to cope with rather than celebrate from events. I agree with you, we have hard times to learn to appreciate good times. Thank you for sharing.

    1. MariLynn! Thank you so much for stopping by! I am so glad I was able to help you when you struggle! I am like you I have may months that are filled with tragic moments! It's taught me to focus on the good and her ish what I have! I am here anytime you may need to talk!


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