Thursday, February 11, 2021

Health Update

I have not updated my health situation in awhile. I have found it is so much easier to do here so everyone who has been praying can get updated all at once!

It's a win win for you and me!

The infectious disease doctor was right. I would have a long recovery and it would take my body awhile to rebound. I am feeling some better in some areas and in others not so much and it has been a little frustrating.

My viral load in my system has stayed at 35 the last two blood draws. My infectious disease Dr was pleased that it came back in the lower range. Because my body has shown signs of the virus trying to rage again. 

I have been able to start my Lupus and inflammation medicines back! I can honestly say I did not know how much they helped until I could not have them! I will begin my biological meds back I hope next week.

Praying that will help reign in my Lupus so it will be mores controlled again.

I am still on 2 liters of oxygen. I am to start a biologic for my lungs. I am hoping that will help me to wean off the oxygen and no longer need it. If it doesn't that's okay too because I am thankful that I have these things to help make life easier!

My appetite has gotten better. However I am unable to eat meat. It causes so much pain to digest it is not worth the effort of trying to anymore. So I only eat veggies, seafood, eggs, and cheese. I have given up sugars! I feel much better eating clean. Some fish hurts to digest it nothing like chicken and things though! I have to get protein from somewhere.

My body thought it was malnourished so I have a lot of deficiencies. Anemia being one of them and albunine levels which is protein in the blood.

I have regained some of my energy! However I get tired fast especially if I am trying to do something very active.

I am still having to listen to my body when it says to rest. I need to rest or I will pay a higher price for not listening. 

I have had some arrhymiah issues with my heart. I wore a holter monitor for three days. I have virtual appointment on Friday to get the results. I also had a episode of afib. Jody had gotten me a I watch for Christmas so when I had chest episodes I could see what was happening. It also sends a record of it to my phone so I can share it with my doctor. I really love having it! It makes me feel a little more secure.

I seen a gastroenterologist today. I have continued to have issues with ulcerative colitis. I need someone who can treat that and get it under control. I still have a lot of stomach pain and tenderness in my lower right abdomen.  He wants to run some test. To see what is going on. One is some stool samples and in two weeks a colonoscopy. He said said he would like to see what is going on in the bowels now. So I will be Covid tested next week. I will have to go to the hospital to have the colonoscopy because I am on oxygen! I really really liked him! He is super nice. 

Like I said some things are better where others are not. I have already been warned the virus could come back and be bad again. Please help me pray that never happens!

I am planning to get the Covid vaccine when I can. So I can see some of my loved ones and friends. I will still have to be very precautious because the vaccine does not fight against the new strand! I have pretty much been told I would die If I took covid. So I have to be very careful!

I have been housebound except for doctor's visits since last March.

I miss my family and friends. With having such a low immunity I am prone to get germs anyways. Covid just makes things more complicated! My body has been through so much! It can not take another major blow right now.

I do stay busy helping watch Ambers boys when she works! I will say it a million times being Ganny is the best thing in the whole world! I love those boys so much! We are incredibly blessed.

When they are not here I enjoy crafting for my doll collection and taking pictures for my doll blog!

Please continue to still pray for me! I am nowhere near where I want to be physically. I am trusting my heavenly Daddy for His healing! He's not done with me yet! I am thankful for each morning I open my eyes!

I always want to continue to walk in His Footsteps of Grace!

Thank you for your prayers and taking time to stop in and get a update! I know your time is precious!

Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~



  1. I love you so much my friend! I'm so thankful to see the good things that are happening, and the answers that you have gotten are such a blessing! I'm continuing to pray, and I love you so much!


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