Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A Tea Party To Remember

 I absolutely love hosting tea parties! 

There is something about preparing the food and getting out my favorite tea cups and mix matched china! 

Dressing up in beautiful dresses and hats!

When we chose our vacation in Historical Colonial Williamsburg. I just knew we had to attend tea in the historical area!

So I began my hunt for the perfect place to attend! 

I came across a beautiful gem when I found Historic Peace Hill Farm!

I remember looking over the website and thinking this is the perfect place for us to visit!

There is something so fun about getting up and being the one who got to dress up and just attend!
I am normally the one who is putting it together! So I miss the simplicity of just being able to attend!

So the excitement of telling the girls we would be attending tea on vacation took a whole new excitement!

Because now we needed the perfect dress to wear and make sure we chose the perfect hairstyle and accessories and especially a beautiful hat!

We chose Historic Peace Hill Farm which is also Bed and Breakfast.

This gem is around 30 miles from Williamsburg in the town of Charles city. Nestled in a beautiful country backdrop!

From the moment you pull in the drive

way there it has such a presence as if your being taken back into the past. 

This century old farm house or I should say plantation

 home. I had learned from visiting plantation homes here in North Carolina they are not in the hub of the city, They are out in the country so they can farm. This beautiful property is still a working family farm that is very self sufficient!

We not only had the pleasure of having tea! We also had the pleasure of taking a tour of this stunning property!

We were greeted by our hostess! A wonderfully sweet lady for Bath England! Her accent was absolutely beautiful! I could have listened to her talk for hours! We all 3 chose pretty flowery spring dresses that all looked like the fabrics would have made beautiful day dresses. I wore A pink silk that I had purchased a few years ago in Tennessee. It is one of my favorite hats and I love any occasion I find to wear it! She had the table set so beautifully! It was simple yet elegant! I had to excuse myself to go to the ladies room. While I was away she shared with the girls that she had fixed us a traditional English tea just like they serve in England! That absolutely made all of our days! 

The details of this room was so so simple but beautiful!It reminded me of the home of Martha Finelly's Millie Keith's home she described in her books. We soaked in the Elegance and the things that looked as if they were meant to be in the room just for me! like the antique sewing machine.

Our first course for tea was a mushroom soup! I know you may be thinking how gross. Christian is a very pickey eater , and she loved it.

I had such a warm earthy taste about it! It was served in such small delicate little bowls.

Their sweet smiles says it all! I knew I had made the right choice booking tea! I loved Every time they ohhed and awed over the history of our country!

I made my heart so very happy! Louise checked in on us periodically and when we had finished our soup she cleared the bowls away. She had asked for our tea selections  for tea while we were eating our soup. She had a wonderful variety! The girls chose a coconut tea and I chose a early grey with a hint of vanilla. Both served in beautiful teapots.


Louise brought out a beautiful 3 tiered cake platter filled with most amazing tea sandwiches. There was amazing  egg salad, chicken salad, cucumber with butter and cream cheese, miniature biscuits with butter and thin slices of ham! Those biscuits were a family recipe and were to die for! Second tier had the most delicious strawberry scones with cool whip and strawberry jam, very cherry bread, and the third tier had the most delicious light sugar cookies.

Most of the ingredients were from the farm and you could tell by the freshness of the food!

We had such a lovely time! I would love to return and stay at the bed and breakfast sometime. There was the cutest little setting room across the hall from where we were! There was nothing about this beautiful home that I didn't fall in love with! 
Tea is one of my favorite pleasures to do! I am so grateful God allowed me to find the diamond!

 After we enjoyed all the amazing food and tea. We ventured through the farm and seen all the animals! We could get closer to some than others! 
The all stole my heart! Especially the newborn lamb. They must have just been born this spring they were so tiny! Also though I can not remember their breed I do remember George Washington raised the very same breed! 

I have never seen curly hair pigs before! However they they are the cutest biggest I have ever seen!

my sweet grandson really loved the video his Pappa JoJo sent him! 

I am pretty sure this was a miniature moo cow! She was the sweetest thing!

They also had goats, rams, horses, ducks,and chickens! Beautiful gardens and family home on the ground!
There was also a cute pond with a bridge that would have made beautiful pictures of we weren't so tired from the day before lol! We were worn out! It didn't keep us for falling love with the beautiful history and hospitality of Historic Peace Hill Farm!

I had the best chauffeur ever to get to all the wonderful places went! Made our trip possible! 

This very handsome man would be my amazing! He was so patient while we enjoyed tea! 

I am so thankful he loves me so and helps me to walk in Footsteps of Grace!

Thank you for allowing me to share our journey with you! 

Prayerfully Yours 


If you are ever in the area here is howto contact the farm! Did I mention it's also a bed and breakfast  ladies!

Historic Peace Hill Farm

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  1. This was beautiful and oh my goodness it is SO YOU!!! It doesn't get more perfect than a tea party! I'm so glad you got to have this vacation, I know it was much needed and much loved, and you girls looked so beautiful!!! I'm so glad you took the time to share with me! Thank you!!! Love you so much!


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