Friday, August 20, 2021

Let's Sparkle Not Stress

Is it just me or does everything in the world around us feel chaotic and out of control?

Things that we never thought we would experience. Have become a part of our new normal. It has made it hard to focus lately!

Does anyone else feel that way?

Stress can creep in absolutely wreak havoc on our lives in a blink of an eye.

It can begin without notice but before we know it. It has crept in and exploded!

It can cause something we would normally love to become something we now dread and hate!

It has a tendency to affect our moods our attitude and not for the better either! 

I have spent quite a bit praying about this. Because honestly, I don't want to live life on the edge. It's not good for our health or our loved ones who often fall victim to the aftermath.

As I prayed about it I was reminded that stress is not a new tool of our enemy! It's actually a pretty old trick he likes to throw our way a lot! He used it in Bible times and well he certainly loves using it today. Prayer is the absolute best way to conquer stress for sure. 

After all, it is never a bad time to talk to our heavenly Daddy! He loves it when we do! 

My favorite book in the Bible is Psalm. If you have read it you absolutely know, it's filled with stressors! Poor David especially talks about them. However, David continually shows us ways to deal with the stress. By giving things to our heavenly Daddy and praising his way through! 

Who wouldn't rather sparkle than stress?  I know I sure would!

Still, there are some other ways we can conquer stress. It can help make life run smoother and more enjoyable! 

I would like to share a few that I have found to be lifesavers for sure!

Make a list of five things you need to accomplish for your day! Make sure you write your top three tasks first! 

Those tasks should be the ones you take on first, so if the last two have to wait for it. It does not cause a meltdown at the end of the day.

Affecting your mood or send you into the all too familiar panic mode! 

If you don't already, this may be a good opportunity to purchase a good planner. Make sure your planner has plenty of writing space.

Here is mine for this year! Jody found it for me at Walmart! It's been great! I use it to write my own thoughts about my morning scripture and my task for the day! 

I am super excited about the one I will be putting together for next year!

Hobby Lobby was having an awesome sale on Happy Planners! I snagged a great deal on a Mickey and Minnie planner. I added a home extension set to it to help out with some things for the home! 

I also added a Minnie extension to it that had a folder of extra stickers and some super cute sticky notes.

I have found this helps me stay focused on what needs my attention on that day! I also was really bad to forget certain things and have two or three really important things overlapping. That is never good...

Another thing I have found that helps especially since I chopped all my hair off. If I can get dressed for the day. Before I leave my room it makes a huge difference. Otherwise, I might as well stay in my p.j's all day! 

If you're like me and your home all the time. Setting an alarm to get up at a certain time helps out
a lot! Otherwise, I may as well kiss the majority of my day gone!

Then I m super frustrated which turns into stress, Which here lately can lead to tears! 

There is no need for that if it can be prevented.

Another stress reliever for me is a meal plan! I become very frustrated when a spontaneous grocery store trip happens. Because it seems what I need is not bought at all and I have a bunch of random stuff I can't even use!

My sweet hubby does our shopping and one thing he dislikes is multiple trips to the grocery store! Bless his heart though he will go even if he would rather not have to!

We recently have cleaned our diets up a lot! Fresh organics often need to be purchased the day of. So sometimes it can not be helped. I have found weekly meal plans help a ton! 

I have found too If I have writing I want to do! The very best thing I can do is turn the sounds off on my phone so that I can focus! 

Some people can write and text watch tv and it does not affect them at all! Me on the other hand that is not the case at all!

As the evening comes maybe diffuse essential oils in your family room to bring about a relaxing environment. Pinterest has a ton of oil combinations to help you find what works best for your family! Just remember not all oils are safe for our fur babies.

One last tip and it happens to be my very favorite! 

Try drinking a relaxing cup of tea in the evenings! There are several options you can try! That has the calming ability to relieve stress and bring sleep!

I will be posting an article on my Faith and Tea Cups Facebook and Instagram account that will give you wonderful information on teas and their benefits. If you haven't already come on by and join us there for more stress tips next week and a fun giveaway!

Well as evening is creeping upon me. It is time to wrap things up here so I can spend some one on one time with my love!

I can not thank you enough for stopping by and spending a part of your day with me! Time is precious and I am honored you chose to share some with me!

As always I hope we all find ourselves walking in footsteps of grace and not stress!

✨Because sparkling is way more fun!✨

Until next time Prayerfully Yours,



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