Sunday, January 30, 2022

So This Love Part 2


I have to admit I have really had a great time, 

getting decorations ready for valentines day.

Getting lost in my craft studio at my sewing machine was just what the doctor ordered.

I have never left my Christmas Tree up year-round before. So I must admit I was super excited when I took the decorations off and realized it was just gonna get new ones! 

So last week I showed you how I made cinnamon apple sauce as well white salt dough ornaments! They turned out super cute and smell amazing! 

So This week I finished the hearts up! I stuffed them and sewed them up.

I wanted to change the rag garland for the tree and I really went back and forth between solid white or tea-stained or red and white.

I went back and forth for a few days.

So I cut strips of white and red fabric so I would have both knowing no matter what I would use it for a future project.

So I grabbed my scissors and fabrics and set to work! 

I decided on solid white for the tree. I knew it would help the colors pop. Using primitive colors is a little dark so I wanted to be able to soften them a little bit! The white would help with that! Later if I decide to it can always be tea-stained later.
then I was inspired to make a heart wreathe! 
So I grabbed a clothes hanger made a heart shape and used red and white-colored fabrics. 
I thought it would be pretty lit up on my front door, I love the soft glow of Christmas lights. I have them all over the house.
It has a very soft ambiance and makes a room feel warm and homey.

Once everything was completed with this part of crafting. I put everything in my bin and I took a break for the evening! Overlook my foot in that last photo! 

The next day I felt like I needed just a few more things to make before I would be satisfied.

So I grabbed some brown packing paper and cut hearts out of all shapes.

I set off to finish creating... I glued hearts to sticks added bows and made a heart arrangement in the white pitcher.

Finally, everything was completed and all I had to do was to decorate. I decided to try to keep things simple and add to what I already had decorated rather than taking everything that my home is decorated without. This is something I would normally do. Having Sle Lupus has made me do things a little differently. I found when it came time to decorate it was more relaxed and not as stressful. So much more enjoyable and it didn't make me near as tired. I love how it turned out!

I decided as well to only decorate the living room where we spend most of our time.

The simplicity of it complimented the feel the room already had! 

I can't wait to plan the next project for the house!

The hearts will stick around till I change things out for spring.

Here is the final project, hope you enjoy the pictures!

The big tree is so pretty in reds and white! I may have to do a red and white Christmas them this year!

I fell in love with the heart that I made for a runner to hang off the chest in the living room that I made another runner for the mantle too!

Love Love the little hearts on the tables and the ones that made a tree skirt.

I made a heart arrangement in a heart arrangement in a white pitcher.
I ordered the pitcher from Hobby Lobby on sale for I think $5. It turned out adorable, I did not put a styrofoam ball inside of it instead a made a circle out of cardboard. Punched some holes in it so the stick the hearts were glued to would stand.
I didn't want to make permanent arrangements in the pitcher! 
I wanted to be able to use it in a different capacity in the future.

On my side table beside the chase, I usually set on. I took the lamp out and added a little primitive tree with lights on it. Put it on a timer like all the other lights

It looks super adorable with red glitter pip berries, white salt dough hearts, and little lanterns. There's a lantern for each grandbaby!

It still needs a little bow on top, I need to get the right kind of ribbon to make a bow for the top.

The thing that I love best about all of this is most everything was things that could be made very simple and very inexpensive. If I had to give a price for what I have in supplies I would guess maybe around $12.

I know my time is a huge part of it. 

However, I loved every moment spent doing it.

You can transform your castle too! It just takes a little time and creativity! 

If you see something that you would like to have and don't have time to do it yourself! Email me and I would be happy to create for your castle to give your home a touch of Valentine's Day magic.

Thank You so much for coming by and allowing me to share my creative journey with you!

I know your time is like mine precious, so thank you for sharing some of yours with me! Please know I am praying for you this week.

Remember you are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

See you again soon, until then what can you dream of creating! 

That would make your castle feel more magical!
From my castle to yours!
 Wishing upon a heart with you,
Snow aka Shellie

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