Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Home Maker Monday February 14, 2022

                   It has certainly been some time since I have participated in Happy Home Maker  Monday! I am so glad I came back across this linky party! I used to participate all the time, When I got so sick with my lupus a while ago I kinda really got away from writing like I did once. However, things haven't changed much except for my mindset on doing things I love to do again. Writing is such a big part of the creativity God has blessed me with! So let's get started I cant wait to visit everyone else's again! Also if you would like to join in just click the link below:
                          Happy Homemaker Monday

🦋🦋The Weather 🦋🦋

North Carolina's weather is on a teeter tottor of seasons. Its unsure wether it wants to be winter or spring. I am longing for spring days of being outside enjoying the new life spring brings! 

Monday 50-26 

Tuesday 60-34

Wednesday 66-51

Thursday 71-55 w/ 75% chance of rain

Friday 63 w/ 70% chance of rain

Saturday 55-33

Sunday 55-33

🦋How I Am Feeling🦋

I have had a hard week. Sle lupus is not for the faint of heart that's for sure. The fatigue is the worst of all. It makes doing anything hard, yet I always find a way to push through it.

Even if it makes a flare last longer. There has to be more than setting on the chase waiting for covid to ever be under control.

I want to experience adventure.... Not watch the cars pass as they go by....

Please pray for me if you will my ulcerative collitis has began to rear its ugly head again.

🦋What's On The Breakfast Plate🦋 

This morning I ate a 1/4 cup of plain grits to see how my tummy would react and well it wasnt happy at all!

🦋On The Reading Pile 🦋

I just finished reading Redeeming Love for about the third time. Every time I read the book, it touches my heart even more! I also ordered the Redeeming love devotion and it is among the very best devotionals I have ever done. I most likely will do it again when I finish it.

🦋On My TV🦋

 I started the white queen on starz. I really like so far it kind of gives off that reign feel.

My husband I both are watching the spanish princess!

Does anyone have some good recommendations I would love to hear them!

🦋On The Menu This Week🦋

I have started to see a functional medical Doctor, along with the ones I have. He changed my diet last week! So I will bo a detox for the next 28 days.

Here is how it should go!


Breakfast: berry, spinach, protein smoothie. With a banana and lady grey tea with vanilla almond creamer to follow.

Lunch: brown rice with cilantro, pico, and canned tuna

Dinner: It is Valentine's day so I am not sure. We probably order out.


Breakfast: berry, spinach, protein smoothie. With an apple and lady grey tea with vanilla almond creamer to follow.

Lunch: Lentil soup and a tangerine 

Dinner: Seasoned Salmon on a bed of garlic and herb rice and broccoli.


Breakfast: berry, spinach, protein smoothie. With a rice cake and sun butter and lady grey tea with vanilla almond creamer to follow.

Lunch: strawberry salad with lemon juice spritz for dressing.

Dinner: Taco Salad with no dairy 


Breakfast: berry, spinach, protein smoothie. With a pear and lady grey tea with vanilla almond creamer to follow.


Fruit Salad rice cake and sun butter


Black bean salad


Breakfast: berry, spinach, protein smoothie. With strawberries with almond slivers and lady grey tea with vanilla almond creamer to follow.


Guacamole and bean chips/fresh pineapple


Black bean burgers on brown rice tortilla wraps and sweet potato chips.


Breakfast: berry, spinach, protein smoothie. With peaches and lady grey tea with vanilla almond creamer to follow.


Arugula and Green Cabbage Salad 


Tuna steak, brown rice, and salad

🦋From The Camera🦋

This picture is from the theatres when I took my Mom to see Redeeming love last week! It was an amazing movie! I am so happy I had gotten to go with her! Now that it is streaming I am excited to have my sister over to watch it with me! Since she was sick with covid and wasn't able to go with us as planned!
I have to share to just can't help it because this news is the best news ever!

🦋Looking Around The House🦋

The house is pretty tidy. If it needs anything at all maybe the Swiffer ran over the hardwood floors. It's pretty amazing how much easier it is to keep the house clean with grown kids. However, I love it, even more, when the grandboys visit and turn it upside down! 

🦋To Do list🦋

Monday: Devotion /journal


clean anything out of the fridge and pantry that don't aline with my detox diet

do evening journaling




watch grandbabies for Mom and Dad have a date night

do evening journaling




work on sewing projects

do evening journaling




clean house up

do evening journaling




work on some cricut projects

do evening journaling



just see what the day itself brings


I really pray I am able to attend in-service church. If I am unable to I will watch live stream

Normally we just chill on Sunday afternoons

🦋From The Craft Basket🦋

One of my goals this year was to spend more time in my craft room! To get to the point I could sell some of what I make. I have to share this shirt with you! I am so pleased with how the finished project turned out!

🦋Today's Devotional🦋

God's love is perfect, He purchased our freedom at no cost to me. I am so thankful that even though I can not comprehend how deep His love is for me. I am however overwhelmed He would. love someone like me who doesn't deserve it. However, I am so thankful I feel His love and presence each and every day like never before.

I believe this turned out to be the most perfect devotion for today!💗💗💗

Please keep me in your prayers. After several very difficult diagnoses over the past year. All of my doctors have come to the conclusion my biologic I take now Benlysta has stopped working. So they just came out with a new biologic for lupus patients in October! My rheumatologist is going to try to get my insurance to agree to pay for it! Please pray this goes through with no issues. This is a big need, this is the bridge between the pericardial stripping of the heart in the future. Or keeping my lupus controlled so there is no more constriction that restricts the heart to beat properly.

Thank you ahead of time for stopping by! I know your time is so very precious. I don't take that for granted! I am honored you chose to spend a little of your time with me! I pray that you have a beautifully blessed weekend! I pray that we both find ourselves walking in footsteps of grace this week! From my castle to your's Happy Valentines Day!

                                     Prayerfully Yours,



  1. Hello my name is jackie collins. I understand your difficulty as I have ulcerative colitis, fibromyagia, sjogrens and am constantly tested for lupus. I will add you to my prayer journal and will lift you up in prayer.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling up to blogging again. Thank you for visiting me. I'm glad to hear you're trying the detox diet. When I was first diagnosed with SLE many, many years ago the VERY BEST thing my rheumatologist did for me was to first allow me to decide how we would proceed after trying numerous meds for the first 6 months and second to advise me on diet. Flare ups were sometimes still quite difficult, but I could almost always trace it back to deviating from the necessary diet. Her advice: avoid all chemicals, preservatives, carbonation and sugars. If it's orange and not an orange or blue and not a blueberry don't eat it. Stay positive and have a great week.

  3. I have come and gone from HHMM for years! I absolutely love it but I get pulled away from blogging so often. I am hopeful this time I will be able to keep it going!

    Redeeming Love is one of my all-time favorite books! I want to see the movie so so much! I can't wait!

    I will definitely be keeping you in my prayers. I hope this week is going well for you.

  4. Glad to see you back blogging again. Congratulations (cute picture)! Hope the detox diet works well for you and that you have a great week!

  5. Welcome back! I understand your aches and pains too. Maybe you can look up the lowfodmap diet too - it might help.
    Have a great week


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