Saturday, February 12, 2022

Have You Seen Her


                            Have You Seen Her

 Missing, short dark shaved

 hair girl, with hazel eyes,

  fair skin, confident in who

    she knows who created her

      She knows the promises given to her by her 


But she has forgotten all the things she knows in her heart of hearts they are all true. Instead has let something else get in her mind and remind her of all the old lies she has believed about herself! 

Rather than the truths, she has learned, led by, and lived out. She is confident in her own skin knowing her size doesn't determine her beauty! Confident in her marriage that after all these years she still is in love with her charming and he loves her! She knows she will always be loved and accepted by her Heavenly Daddy!

She was confident that she is the best Mom and Granny she can be. That she would do whatever it takes to be the best she can for then as long as she has breathe in her lungs!

She has an amazing bestie and many other amazing friends that she knows she can count on to be there whenever she needs them!

She knows she is so much more than lupus and the other health issues she has!

Yet she is missing... Have you seen her? If you have can you remind her of a few things for me?

Like her size does not determine her beauty! Somewhere along the way, something whispered in her ears things like...

Everyone is talking about all the weight she has gained since she got sick.

Doesn't she know she would be so much more attractive if she would lose that weight?

Doesn't she see how much she has changed when she looks in the mirror?

Or isn't she worried her husband won't be attracted to her anymore?

Can someone please remind her beauty comes from the inside out! She could be a size 0 and be stunning and have an ugly attitude and it makes her ugly.

Can you also tell her that the number on the scales is not what determines if someone sees the beauty of someone? Oh please remind her that confidence is a beauty! Believing in yourself and knowing caring for yourself is beautiful! If others can't see it their opinion doesn't matter they don't get to have a vote on how she sees herself!

Will you remind her she is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of her heavenly Daddy!

When she tells herself she is ugly she is telling Him that He's ugly? We are fashioned in His image after all!

Can you please remind her she is so much more than her past and the mistakes she's made!

We all make mistakes, so many of us can not seem to let our mistakes go. They don't allow them to play over and over in their mind. Trying to figure out how to even know how they, can right them and have a report to look back on that shows they remedied the situation and made it all better! It's easy to throw stones when we are angry and say dangerously hurtful things to those we love.

Causing a dangerous storm to brew. This can cause someone to lose complete sight of who they are and try to become something they aren't! All because when we are mad we say things to hurt someone! The action could have been true and have taken place. However when forgiveness has been sought and it is still used to hurt it can cause someone to strive to be a perfectionist, 
Believe me, no one wants that not in a marriage, being a daughter, sister, friend, or employee! Simply because that person you love will always be miserable trying to be perfect. This is why so many times it turns into depression, isolation, and more times than known they become suicidal. All because of the need to feel wanted, loved, pretty, and needed. Well, those are all very strong feelings that too often dominate a women's thoughts.
Sometimes they. never act on that thought, then there are those who have taken their own life! 

Can you remind her it's okay to make mistakes after all we all do, each and every day!  Can you help her to see the forgiveness that has been extended and it's okay to forgive herself too!
Help her see she doesn't have to be perfect we all make mistakes and this beautiful life we have been given is worth living keep pushing through! Because Life Is Worth Fighting through and absolutely for!

Can you remind her that the love of her life chose her almost 28 years ago? Whatever lies the enemy is whispering in her ears. Well, they are just that! He is in love with her just as much today as he was then. If not more... That every marriage goes through growing pains.
That He was your prince charming when you met. Still, when you said I do you became his queen and he became her king. That after all, they have faced the past few years has been trying hard. It made them stronger, not weak. So tell her to straighten her crown and be confident in the love they share.
So don't let the enemy try to make her doubt their love for one minute!

Can you remind her all Momma's make mistakes when they are raising their babies! When they grow and you admire the amazing humans God created them to be! Her love and care helped to get them there! The mistakes she made helped her to be a better Mom. That she will be even more amazing Granny who points them to Jesus and loves them so so big she will spend every moment she has spoiling them and making memories that each of them will cherish long after she is gone.

So remind her whenever she doubts she is anything but the things above! Talk to her kids and let them remind her to stop listening to the enemy... His words aren't welcome!

Can you remind her when satan tells her she is alone and doesn't have a friend in the world? That is the biggest lie ever! When he tells her that no one wants a friend who is so sick and can't even go out and have fun without needing to take half of a medical supply company. She won't be invited because all she is going to do is slow them down.

Those are all lies!

Remind her she has the best friends ever! Her Daddy sent her a wonderful best friend who has never had a problem being the one who pushes her wheelchair or helps carry oxygen tanks so they could go out and have an adventure! She would drop whatever she is doing and go to battle anytime needed. Whether it has been for her spiritually or even if she needed the support for a battle of life she is facing!

Her Daddy has given her friends who are always there! Texting to check on her. Being there to pray and encourage her on her lowest day and to cheer her on when she needs the most. 

So when the enemy tells her she is alone no one wants a friend that stays sick or has so much damage!
Because it's that's the furthest from the truth! Those who walk beside her in this life, who she holds close to her heart, love her more than she could ever imagine.

Can you remind her past may be riddled with pain but it's also paved with grace and forgiveness? Satan would love to make her feel like she needs to hide what she's been through. People will look at her badly and won't want to be her friend anymore, they may not want her to teach with such a background.

Remind her that her story will help others, tell her to share its part of who she is. Those who love her are unhappy she ever had to go through it.
those who love her will always stand by her when the time comes to share that testimony in group settings. They will be in the front row to cheer her on to remind her she can do great things. Gods have great plans for her! 

Can you remind her on the days she is so sick she can barely get out of bed. When she has had to stay in the hospital for days and nothing the doctors are saying is encouraging. When she goes to the bathroom and cries so no one can see the pain she is really in and puts a smile on and fakes it till she makes it. When she pushes too hard prolonging a flare. Or when she has gone days without proper sleep she pushes herself out of the bed tries to do what she can in exhaustion. Or the guilt sets in because she had canceled plans because you are barely taking a breath without crying much less having company or going out to do something.

Remind her that she is so much more than lupus. That when she listens to lies of the enemy she needs to black his eye. Remind him of all the promises of God's word about healing. Remind her that all though lupus has done organ damage. She is going to live a long life with quality! She is going to be able to do all she dreams of! She may have to do it slower but she can do anything she sets her mind to do!

One last thing can you remind her that all of those heightened feelings that she experiences. It's okay to feel them and never let anyone make her feel less than she is because of them. It just makes her intuitive. and that can be power not defeat.
Have you seen her? If I am being completely and totally honest I haven't. She is very much missing and feels invisible. I have been in this place since right after Christmas. I know all the promises that my Daddy promises every now and then I need someone to come along and be strong for the one who tries to be strong for everyone else. Remind her it's okay to have moments of weakness! To let others see her in a raw venerable space. We live in a world where we post everything online and our lives are perfect. It's okay to do that if you choose. The problem comes at that becomes a heavy burden for someone to carry. It can also lead to isolation because we want things to be that way so much we won't let others in. Until the person you are created to be is missing out on the gift of companionship and friendship allowing someone to come up to help, love, pray, and encourage you back to the beautiful woman you grew up to be! Be beautiful whether you are high or low. 
At the end of the day what others speak over you. We have the choice not to allow any of it to affect us. If you are ever in a place where you feel like you are a shell of a person you once were. talk to someone who really listens, prays for you, reminds you of His promises, more than anything helps you remember the fierce woman you are! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! People can take lots of things away from us but they can never take that!

This was the hardest piece I have ever been led to write. It has been erased and added to for almost three weeks now! I want to inspire others but more than that I want to remind each of us women it's okay to love you exactly the way you are!
This isn't a subject that is talked about often enough. We should be reminding one another of the beauty of being you also that you loved and accepted exactly for who God created you to be 
 Thank you for stopping by and sharing a part of your day with me! Time is precious the fact you were willing to spend some time with me. Over joys my heart to have you here!

I hope you know I am praying for you always!

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