Sunday, February 13, 2022

My Very First Cricut Project


My Very First Cricut Project

I want to start off by saying this first off! Oh, how I wish I would have bought my Cricut sooner.

I have fallen in love with it, it may be one of the most expensive hobbies I have picked over the years.

I have loved the challenge of learning it!. 

The first project I choose was to repurpose a t-shirt. I didn't mean for it to turn into the project it became. 

When I ordered the t-shirts when they arrived they were in the wrong size and I was too impatient to send them back so I decided to alter one.

So I chose to

open the sides slit the back and remove the sleeves. 

After that, I chose some pretty fabric and an SVG file pattern.

So I went down the rabbit hole oh my goodness there are so so many of them. All though I knew I wanted to a Disney Iron-on. I spent two days looking for the one. I choose the iron-on.

I choose this fabric

as you can see I just love princesses! 

This is the SVG file I choose as well!

as I prepared the fabric and prepared the holographic vinyl.

So I have to say my first cut was not as planned.

I forgot to mirror my image so the words didn't come out correctly they were backwards.

If that wasn't enough, I cut it wrong so this beautiful red wouldn't work on my shirt.

I absolutely love the red and was so disappointed when realized I messed up.

SO back to the drawing board it was.

I chose a deep blue holographic.

After I corrected my wrongs lol! I began remaking my shirt! 

I did not take a lot of pictures with this process because I got to tied up in my creative process I kinda go lost sorry! I will do better promise! 

I started by ironing on the decal I made to my shirt!

I had bought these really cool tishirt guides so you always place your decal in the proper place not to high or low. It has a different one for the front and back.

So it was such a huge help! It has it for men, women, and child one for small - x-large.

After I made sure my decal was secure and I hadn't missed any spots. I moved onto the remake. of the shirt! 

I made a insert out of the princess fabric for the back this will make the back flowy and the princess shows off like a peek a boo panel, adorned at the top of a bow at the top 

After I had accomplished this my next part to conquer were the sleeves. I knew I wanted cute gathered cap sleeves but I had only made cap sleeves when I sew American Girl clothes.

I was a little intimidated at first. I quickly found though it wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be!

Now to move onto the sides! So now I knew for sure I wanted a flowy shirt with little triangle inserts in the front accented with bows.

so what was I going to do make the shirt like the peasent top feel I had in mind.

I wamred the sides to look like they were meant to be there. No a secondary thought or crisis.

I wear a x-large shirt most of time. So I thought about what got me to altering the back of some of my favorite shirts. It was because after I had my thorachotmy, I could not stand for anything to be tight in my shouders.

so I made pleated panels for the side. I dropped them lower than normal so the sleeve are more open and gives it a look of whimsy kinda. I choose to use a thicker buttery soft fabric for this. I made bows to go at the top of the side panels. I Wanted to cover the pleats. I had just enough fabric left to make a ttrim for the bottom!

I loved how it turned out in the end! I had cut a baby dress pattern out in the past few months using this fabric but didn't get time to sew it. So i decided to sew it as well for my favorite reborn to wear.

I cant wait for us to match!

Here is the final product! It's not at all perfect after all its homemade not by a machine!

So over look any imperfections.

I am so proud of this creation! It was made up in my head as I go! I did male lots of notes so I would remember how I did each step.

 Crafting reminds me so much of Jesus love. So may times I feel the seams being ripped out. I have felt Him stitch and restitch again. Making changes that better me for Him. Drawing me closer with pice that's cut away, because if it takes me away from Him I don't want it. 

Its amazing how each thing we do can remind us of our Creator. He loves us so deeply He wants to shaion us in His image starting out as His daughters a child of the King! Which Makes you His princess!I am THANKFUL FOR EACH CHANGE HE MAKES!



I so hope your day is filled with love an d lots of joy! 

Thank you so much for spending a part of your day with me time is precious and is never taken for granted! I am honored you shared yours with me!

See you again soon, until then what can you dream of creating!

That would make your castle feel more magical!

From my castle to yours!

Wishing upon a heart with you,

Snow aka Shellie

If you are interested in a shirt of your own email me



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