Sunday, February 6, 2022

Organizing The Craft Room

                         One of the things that bring me the biggest joys 
        of life is crafting. I love to sew, do needlework, craft 
         country decor, I recently entered the Cricut world. I love it.
When we bought our home it turned out I would have a craft room all to myself to have a creative space to design and bring things to life! 
However, I don't know about you! When I am in the midst of crafting I am a nightmare messy person! I will have things everywhere! 
About a week or so ago after redoing my craft room 2 times after  Christmas lol.
When trying to decide where my new Cricut was going to set was going to tricky.  So I decided the best decision was to take out the older desk and replace them with a long sturdy table. So I could everything I need in one location. Area for the Cricut, place to paint, and a wonderful place to sew.
I made sure that before we moved everything I purchased extra shelving. Baskets and cubes to hold things and especially craft supplies.
Trying to figure out how to arrange my room with new shelves and ended up having extra drawers which were awesome!
Then when I figured out how the arrangement of the room came the fun part. Figuring out where in the world all this stuff I have bought and kept back for crafting and sewing.

 The effort and the time put into carefully going through everything down to the sewing bobbins was worth it! I even did something I rarely get the chance to do!

 I bought new paints, material, glue gun, and other supplies I needed to begin to craft and sell! I am learning I am much slower at things. Hey, that's okay though, I am still making time to do things I love to do.

All though I haven't reached the goal set to get things up and going to sell. It's okay because I am still enjoying the process and making a few things for myself again. The old saying is that sewing
 is cheaper than therapy! After all, crafting is absolutely the very best medicine there is!
I can say now ita all put together and organized. I love spending time in my sewing room. 
It's more enjoyable doing things we love when it's not being done in chaos.
So if you need the inspiration to get your craft area or room organized I hope these after pictures you will be inspired to get your area or room organized. 

So the next time you set down your things will all be organized and easy to find until the next project! Happy Crafting Friends!

Thank You so much for coming by and allowing me to share my creative journey with you!

I know your time is like mine precious, so thank you for sharing some of yours with me! Please know I am praying for you this week.

Remember you are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

See you again soon, until then what can you dream of creating! 

That would make your castle feel more magical!
From my castle to yours!
 Wishing upon a craft with you,

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  1. I LOOOOOVE your craft room! Especially the Disney special touches!!! I'm so excited for you!!


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