Saturday, July 23, 2022

A Little Health Update

 I would feel like I wasn't being truth full with you, if I didn't share I am already dreaming of fall days!

          This heat is about to get the very best of your girl!

I miss setting outside! I dream of spending more time in nature! I actually have recently craved time in the nature taking walks! However I need for it to cool off so I can dream of bringing such  things to pass.

Until then I guess I will just have to bring fall to my home early indoors!

"Shh" don't tell my husband of my plan! I hope to bring our fall mid August! I am so excited for it! This will be the very first time ever I have done a fall tree! I have to say I believe that is my driving force behind decorating everything else for fall early as well! 

A girl needs something to look look forward to when she stays home as much as I do!

So look for fall decor post to come soon!

I have gotten behind on blogging again and did not keep you updated as I had hoped about the new supplements. I began to boost my health and start healing on the cellular level.

So I thought I would give you some health update info and fill you in on how that has helped! What I have seen in the past 30days.

So let me start with the name of the supplements I have been taking. They are made by the company called Life Vantage.I take three supplements, a probiotic, and a yummy water mix for brain fog in the mornings!

The  supplements I take are Protandim NRF1 & NRF2, their probiotic and Axio for energy and brain clarity.

We were told to allow at least four month's to see full effect of how they help my over all system. My lupus is all over the place, since being jerked all over the healthcare world thanks to insurance changes,

So everything seems to need longer than what we had hoped for! Now I want to share no two peoples experience is is the same. Never stop a medication your on by a doctor with out first speaking to your doctor!

I went through a pretty harsh detox phase when I first started my new meds! I was warned this may happen and of course my body wanted to be sure to get involved, 

It lasted about 2 weeks, I was really really tired, my gut was upset , and I had a headache. The fatigue was the worst part of all of it! I just could not do anything, It was all I could do was to go from one room to another. I spiked a high fever a few days much higher than I like! 

After the two weeks things seemed to level out and became more bearable.

 I have noticed a huge change in my mental clarity! Especially on the days I drink my axio! I can hold a train of thought and I can read and comprehend what I am reading! For those of you that have brain fog or have lupus you know just how precious those little gifts are! Now as far as having a huge jump in energy no. My body is still really out of whack. I am hoping this month I will begin to see some of that!

With the help of the life vantage and the new lupus biologic!

I pray we begin to see som much needed changes.

I had my very first Saphenella infusion Tuesday! I was so excited! This drug has showed promising changes in lupus patients! Including decreased flares, increased energy, and decreased organ involvement! We are praying for all of these things! However the first treatment knocked me for a loop! Its Saturday and I am still wiped out! Now I did get my lung biologic the next day as well! 

That mixed in with all of the other is surly the reason why I am still struggling with this crazy fatigue.

I hope next week holds better things! I am seriously over laying around, Your girl has better things to do than sleep all the time.

So if you would ask me would I recommend the life vantage. I absolutely would! Because many have seen faster results than I have! So there for I would not want you to miss out on this life changing healing for anything!

I have still been working hard on me. On the lines of self love that is! I don't believe I had truly seen the value in that till this year and how important that truly is! Just because we get older doesn't mean we grow out of it! I believe because we get older we need it even more! Especially in a world that feel like that it needs to find its self worth from self fame or social media! Or from what those around us think of us! 

Which if it is done in healthy ways these things can be okay, Still yet they are never okay when it it is the only way we seek our worth! Because again our worth should start with what our Daddy thinks of us, rather what we think of ourselves or others opoinions! 

I have learned to embrace what makes me who I am! The things that make me different and make me stand out from the rest! 

So are the things that make me exactly who my creator saw me to be when He spoke me into my Momma's womb.

Allowing myself grace and growth during this season of life. Has taught me some very valuable lessons!

I have love going back and resisting the redeeming love devotional. If you read the book you resonated with Sarah in the story. I highly recommend the devotional! All thought I have already been through it once! The second time around has taught me even more than the first time.

If you have unsettled things that haunt you. Things that has caused you to harbor unforgivness. 

Its time to allow healing so you can move forward as the healthiest version of you! 

You can not put into others if your drained empty or unable to see past your own pain,

We are called to point others to our Daddy! What better way than healing our bodies heart and physical aliments. So others around us can see our Daddy in all of his glory through us!

I have found the best way to start that off for us daily is a heartfelt of thankfulness! It's hard to not have joy or healing when we live a life go thankful for the daily blessings we have!

So Let me encourage to begin a habit I have made a part of my morning! Start off by telling our heavenly Daddy 3 things we are thankful for and 3 things we are joyful for! 

Try to make sure you choose 3 new things daily! You will see a shift in how you see the world around you when you do!

Don't wait for Thanksgiving to live in a season of thankfulness!

So I would like to end here today! I want to share my 3 things with you! I want you to see the rawness of my everyday heart! So you too can see the beautiful work my Daddy has been song in my heart and the changes He has brought around!

3 Things I am thankful for Saturday July 23,2022

1- For the way the floor feels cool on the bottom of my feet when I walk on them! It's a reminder that I am blessed to have relief from the smoldering temptress outside.

2. I am thankful for the sound of the clicking keys

 of board on my computer, Its a reminder that all though I have pain in my hands I am able to type and share my hear with you today!

3- I am thankful for clothes that are comfortable and soft. No matter the size they fit and are soft. It makes being able to be comfortable to live in my own skin.

3 Things I am joyful for:

1- For air conditioning to stay cool in this heat

2- The sound of my grand babies giggles

3- The way a warm embrace feels when given by someone you love. Especially from your amazing spouse.

the Bible teaches us clearly in Romans 12:12 To be joyful in hope! Hope makes each day bearable! Its a reminder that with each new day we have something new to look  forward to and to be grateful for the days that have passed!

Each day we practice these things, the easier it is to be happy and content no matter what we are facing!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing a part of your day with me! Time is precious the fact you were willing to spend some time with me. Over joys my heart to have you here!

I hope you know I am praying for you always!

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Until next time, I hope you will be walking in the footsteps of grace with Jesus and me!

Prayerfully  Yours,




  1. Thankful that it's starting to work even if it's minute..Love you mostest Sis! Can't wait to see you again real soon..!What's the name of the book or devotional you were talking about?

  2. Hi friend! I'm so glad to read your blog again! I agree with the heat, its rough to want to be out and about in it for anyone I'm sure your body isn't happy with it. The fall always makes me think about you! With your beautiful decor and your fun fall events (Autumn pie social!) and yummy apple desserts! I can't wait to see your decor, and I'm so thankful to hear that you are hopeful to feel better soon! It's been such a long season for you, I know you thrive in the fall and at CHRISTMAS which will be here before you know it!
    I started a thankful journal once when I read A Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and it blessed my heart! I'm so ready to start it again! Thank you for your wonderful reminders! I love you so much!


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