Sunday, July 3, 2022

Whispers Of Hope

This week has been a week of celebration!

We celebrated Jody's Birthday! 

I began a new health journey! 

I am taking myself back! Health, Mind,  Body, and Soul.

That has meant some serious praying and soul searching! 

One of the first answered prayers, I had been searching for so long. Was what I can do to support my body. To help it be the healthiest it can be and fewer bad days and many more feel-good days!

I was surprised that the first step to take was to activate my cells and stop their aging from the inside out! 

Addressing inflammatory responses! Cutting out what I can and giving my body the best chance daily! 

I have been spending time truly researching Lupus. From a doctor's perspective and functional medicine perspective!

I feel that both together if you study and read enough you can find the lock and key elements that help to heal and support what the body needs.

All though there is still so much to be learned! One thing is for sure to activate my cells from the inside out. Work with my immune system instead of making it go crazy!

So the first thing I decided to do for myself is to start something unique on a pharmaceutical level but also filled with good things from a natural standpoint and not a chemical level.

I began this part of my journey last week! 

Actually, yesterday was my seventh day taking the new feel-better meds! I am very impressed with the results even in such a short span! I can tell the difference in many areas!  Including clearer thinking, energy levels are changing! I am not needing to nap anywhere near as much as I usually do.

I have also noticed I have more energy to do things. without the crash that comes later in the day.

However, towards the end of the week, I reached detoxing the bad out of my body from a cellular level.

Normally detoxing makes me so sick, that I won't continue. However with the wonderful support of the team behind me. I have been able to detox without a major crash! I have required more rest coming into the weekend,. I am okay with that because I have truly come to the place. I need more out of life than trying to survive.

I want to live and enjoy all aspects of my life. Not watch everyone around me living like I am a part of a movie directing what goes on but not participating in the actual film!

This journey will come with different things I am exploring! I have been doing tons of research learning even more about lupus. So I can advocate and help others like me to take control of our bodies and do things we love again

I am so aware there isn't a cure! Yet I serve a great big God who has the cure and the answers! Maybe I'm meant to have this to let Him shine through and to teach others what I learn and give hope!

Hope was the word I chose at the beginning of the year for the word I wanted to truly implement in my life! Hope comes with so many amazing things to look towards to! It's also the gateway to faith!  I have complete faith in my Daddys plan for me!

The next part of my new journey begins on Monday! I am going to start an inflammatory diet! This means I will cut out foods that cause inflammation! I have learned that the immune system lives in the gut! If my gut health is not good and I am feeding it things, that drives it crazy.

My immune system will go into overdrive and when it does that it attacks my organs, healthy cells, nervous system, veins, and the list keeps going on.

I am also learning the other things that I have like chronic pericarditis. All of these things are affected by the same things!

So as hard as it may be to give up foods I love like grains, dairy, refined sugars, and nightshades. Will be a small sacrifice to have more good days and fewer bad days.

Please pray for me during this transition!

I want to succeed at this! I have done it before and I can do it again! 

I look forward to healing my body with whole foods and things God gave us! Not things created in a lab that destroy us from the inside out!

I have also been working on following people on social media who are working or already living what I am trying to achieve!

One of my favorites is a wonderful friend of my husband and mine.

Her name is Jessie Sales, you can follow her on Instagram!

She has helped me to know what kind of books to read to use ancient medicine along with my new medicine journey! 

Just this morning I asked what books would she recommend to read about self-care! She recommended her top 3 books on Self Care

Think Like a Monk -Jay Shetty

Untethered Soul -Michael Singer

Free Your Energy -Sylvester McNutt

I look forward to purchasing one of these books to help me with self-care and healing open wounds of the past!   So my heart and mind can be healthy and whole as well. I was thinking this morning it is a shame it has taken me so many years to arrive at the place, I make me a priority to heal.

I had already ordered a book Jessie recommended. It came Friday and  I learned so much in the few chapters I read! 

All though I am honest with myself and realize this will be a daily choice and journey! Our heavenly Daddy has given us all the resources we need to be able to heal from the inside out! 

I hope you will join me as I embark on this journey and pray for me! I am excited!

I look forward to seeing what the future holds as I take me back! As I take back the things I love and enjoy the beautiful world around me!

My Daddy has left me here countless times when He could have taken me home! For me that is proof my story isn't for me but the those who are watching and reading about it! That is what inspires me to keep moving forward! Looking doe ways to heal and become stronger! He promises to hold my hand everystep of the way! 

Heling has been a life long journey for me! Its time to help it come full circle and chase my dreams and make them happen! I know He know the plans He has for me! He will dde me through each and every step good or bad! I amecxited to see how I feel four months from now! Taking the new medicines that heal on the cellular level! Helps to stop the aging of cells that promotes good immune health! Giving myself the best chance from positive food changes and implementing movement to help combat pain and fatigue. Feel free to ask questions! I would love to help you start your own journey for a healthier you! Whether your in the fight of your life literally or trying to just be a healthier you! The truth is, We have to heal all aspects of our bodies. Only then will we be successful at sticking with it! Loveing the beautiful you, that you were created to be!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing a part of your day with me! Time is precious the fact you were willing to spend some time with me. Over joys my heart to have you here!

I hope you know I am praying for you always!

Until next time, I hope you will be walking in the footsteps of grace with Jesus and me!

                               Prayerfully  Yours,


I would Like to leave you with this verse to think on this week! It is one of my very favorites! For so many reasons! But truly I need this promise I go into this new journey! I Hope it gives you the same courage it gives me to hope for good things to come!

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  1. Beautifully said..I already cut back on the inflammation foods..Probably not as much as I should I need to do better as well..I have a book on healing the soul I will dig it out for when I come over next time..But one thing I do is ask Papa to show me if there are areas in my soul he wants to heal during my time with him..I turn on Worship and we deal with them together..💜Love you mostest sis!


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