Lupus Warrior

7 years ago I began a journey that would forever change my life... I went in for simple knee arthroscopy and woke up with major heart and lung complications... Due to aspirating stomach acid into my left lung.
We would later learn it awoke a sleeping giant in my body...
Lupus has forever changed the way I live and see daily life.
Life is a true gift from God and He makes no mistakes! I have learned no matter how hard the struggle is ...
It is well with my soul... Because GOD promises to always be with me!
He's got me in the palm of his hands! 
I hope my journey will inspire you to find out more about this disease.
How affects those who battle it and the ones they love the most.
What most don't know is that this disease affects them as much as the one battling it. My life has been full of battles and this one has declared war. I can promise you this much, that I plan to rally each time it attacks because the story isn't over till the creator says so!
I Can Do All Thing Through Christ Who Gives Me Strength!

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