Why We Homeschooled

I have to say first and foremost that my family home schools because I feel it is what God has called my family to do !!! It's an honor to have the privilege to do so! I haven't always homeschooled although my husband would have liked for me to do so I just didn't see it his way at first ... It all began my daughter's 2nd grade of Elementary School she developed a heart condition ... That required surgery ... It seemed as if every time she sneezed they were calling us to come to the school ... this made for a miserable child and Mommy for that matter ... All she wanted was to be like everyone else. She wasn't allowed to attend field trips without me most days they didn't even want her to play on the playground... after a lot of prayers, we decided that the best move for her would be to place her in a Christian private school. It seemed as if it was the perfect plan! I got a job as a pre-school teacher. My youngest would still be with me and I would now be with my oldest or at least in the same building .... School went well for the first few months then my oldest started showing problems with her heart again after another surgery and a miracle for God the heart was finally ok. However, her asthma had become really bad and became increasingly worse each day. It eventually led to her Drs placing her as a homebound student. NC does not require private education to send a teacher to your home ... So I quit my job and so our home school journey began ... I wouldn't change a moment of it ... even the hard days! I love the fact that I am not only teaching my girls but I am also making memories with them each day as well !!! I have the ability to keep God in the center of my school day !!! But most of all I can raise the bar and teach them to be more !!! It is not all about the college but what does God want to do with their life? I can nurture that calling equip them with what they will need to follow through with that calling ... It also allows me to spend the extra time needed for my youngest has a learning disability ... Sometime we may need to teach it more than once to make sure it sticks and that is ok !!! I get to see the beautiful young women God has nurtured them into being ... I can encourage that it's ok not to grow up so fast that it's ok to still want to play if you like... It's ok to be different being different sometimes is an awesome thing! The pressures of the world are a part of our life but not in the same intensity as it is for others .... We are a socialized well rounded family ... we were a part of a wonderful home school group ... with a group of Moms who support each other !!! I graduated my oldest daughter early !!! She graduated with her CNA license and is an honor student !!! I am beyond proud of her !!! My youngest graduated as the class of 2018 with Honors! I can honestly say, I wouldn't change a thing!   Over the past few years, I have developed some health issues ... It made me realize that I have a gift others don't always get to have ... time with the two gifts God gave me to raise ... to teach in the way they should go... I have nothing against public school ... Some families have no choice ... Both parents must work ... or they don't feel led.... each person has to decide what is best for their family ... This was what was best for mine ... I would like to end with this thought! That those who home school should never down someone who sends there kids to public school ... However that is a two-way street ... You should never talk about those who home school ... Those who home school have just chosen a different path than others ... in my case I know that is what God had called me to do with my girls... countless hours of making memories and teaching them that I will never regret ... they are perfectly socialized and beautiful from the inside out .... all I ask is if you don't agree with those choices don't say things that can tear down or harm what a home school Mom or a public school Mom is teaching their child ... We should all strive to lift up all teachers home school and public school alike ... After all, we all are doing what we feel is best for our kids...

My homeschool Career is officially ended. This has been one of the most rewarding journeys of our life! I will miss our daily routine together! At the same time, I am excited for the new adventures that will fill our lives! Our girls are well educated and I know God has great plans for them. If you ever have questions about homeschooling feel free to ask! you can email me at shelliealmondministries@gmail.com

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